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This is a Call To Action (CTA).

Current circumstances are making it harder for our neighbors to afford basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing and health care. Teens and young adults are struggling mentally as social media continues to alter self perception and the realities of life. Different types of insecurities such as these are making it easier for predators to manipulate and take advantage of high risk populations that you probably didn't even realize were "high risk". Youth most at risk of being abused or trafficked have gone through some type of major life change; they may have only one parent or fall prey to devices with no education or protection from the outside world. There is so much to understand about this complex topic and we will have answers September 10th. We invite you to the 4th Annual Summit where we will be focusing on bringing awareness and preparedness, especially among TEENS, to knowing the pink flags of human trafficking.

The partnership between Legacy of Hope International, Mars Hill University, and Life 107 exists in order to assist fellow anti-trafficking organizations in networking and educating for this CTA. The goal of The 4th Annual Summit is to equip and prepare our WNC youth and neighbors for a culture change of healing through us sharing resources thanks to the local and nationwide partnerships we have established over the last 4 years.

Come, listen and interact with survivors of abuse and trafficking who are now professionals in the field. Youth advocates will be on hand and a panel of experts will be available to answer questions during a light dinner! See you September 10th at the First Baptist Church Asheville downtown to preview the Thistle Farms documentary and testimony from Dorris Walker.

Light dinner will be included. Please RSVP on Eventbrite by ordering your free ticket now. If able, a donation of any size is appreciated to help with cost of the event.

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