Committed to the Cause



Chief Executive Officer

     After several years of friendship and serving as a volunteer, Bren traveled to Cambodia to learn more. While learning from and serving survivors of trafficking here in the States and abroad, she realized how connected the world was. Brendon, with the help of others, developed one of the first kid friendly notebook curriculum's to prevent Human Trafficking in Cambodia. The curriculum continues to grow and expand as fellow workers share their wisdom and update as needed.


     Bren has over a decade of teaching, preach, and providing public health initiatives on outreaches to brothel workers. Brendon holds a Masters in Public Health from American Public University and a Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Southeastern University. She has served as Fundraiser, Research and Public Health Director, and former Vice-President of LOHI. She is honored to work again for her Khmer family and excited about what God has in store for Legacy of Hope International.

Jennifer, lives in the Appalachian Mountains where she has been blessed with a huge family. Jennifer and her husband, Joe bought their first home in the beautiful state of North Caroline.

She graduated from AB-Tech with honors and an Associates Degree of the Arts. Currently, Jennifer is working towards her Bachelors Degree focused on Health and Wellness, from University of North Carolina  Asheville. She aspires to use her degree to help human trafficking survivors rehabilitate and live their lives to the fullest. She looks forward to serving in the name of the Lord!

Jennifer in her first year with LOHI has assisted to establish many Stateside outreaches "Blessings Bags", Trainings, and "Safety Parties".

Stateside Manager

Jennifer Wilson


Full-Time Missionary to Cambodia

      Brittany took her first trip to Cambodia in 2011 on a two-month summer internship. Since then, she has been continuing to learn from and deepen relationships with local Cambodians and other quality anti-trafficking organizations. Brittany worked for YouthHOPE as a Human Trafficking Educator where she was able to design and lead a Human Trafficking Awareness Internship in Miami, Thailand, and Cambodia. Brittany also has experience working in aftercare homes of survivors of trafficking to help provide a safe place to heal from trauma. Brittany is a graduate of Montreat College and continues Masters level courses through the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation.

        In 2015, Brittany and Jordan took a vision trip to learn more about LOHI and how to help. They moved to Cambodia for eight months to learn more and since then the LOHI staff and students have become their family.


     Brittany is passionate about caring for the LOHI Staff, preventing burnout, and seeing the LOHI family, and organization thrive. She also continues to advocate and provide trainings on human trafficking awareness in order to mobilize more people in the fight to end human trafficking.


Full-Time Missionary to Cambodia

      Since 2012, Jordan has worked in church planting in Western North Carolina. He serves as Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Missions at Covenant Church of the Highlands in Asheville, NC. In 2015, in an effort to engage Christians in the needs of those in extreme poverty, Jordan led a team to LOHI to serve and learn more about long-term partnership. This led to Jordan spending 8 months at the LOHI school in Cambodia, teaching English as a Second Language and Biblical Studies. While in Cambodia, Jordan saw the role that strong communities can play in the fight against extreme poverty. He is excited to be part of equipping leaders to engage with and transform their communities. Jordan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and is completing a Master’s degree in Christian Ministry through the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been married to his wife, Brittany, since 2013.