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Outreach & Trainings

These outreaches are made possible because of people like you! Contact us to find out how you can sponsor a Safety Party or community outreach. Thank you for providing prevention education and support to those that need it most!

Western NC 
Training & Outreach 

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We can't say this enough. The only way to prevent and stop human trafficking and abuse is through preventative education. Seen pictured is our partners at Life 107 welcoming guests to the 2022 Annual AntiTrafficking Summit in Asheville. LOHI offers a variety of trainings that are suitible for every age and population. Do you know of a community that could use extra support? Fill out the WNC training forum above.


It is in us to not only provide provention education but to empower those who are most at risk. LOHI empowers all of those that we meet, understanding that we each face our own unique obsticals in life, therefore, the types of support we provide may vary from person to person.



When we elevate one another, we provide hope in a world that dosen't make a lot of sense. When LOHI establishes a connection with a community in need, we become committed to provided support. Established in Cambodia in 2005, LOHI continues to serve those most in need, everywhere.

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