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We advocate for ALL children through prevention education
Because together we can Affect Change.

Child Sex Abuse
happens to
1 in 4 females &
1 in 13 males

effecting approximately 
3.7 million US
children annually.


91% of
Child Sex Abuse
is at the hand of someone the child knows.
(family/family friend)

Child Sex Abuse

Economic Burden

$9.3 Billion

in the US alone.


84% of

HT survivors


sexual abused

as a child

on some level.

Polaris Project

50 Million
people are being trafficked around the world with 1/4 of them being children.

Walk Free

1.1 Million people are trafficked 

within the US.

Walk Free

Statistics suggest

that between

100,000 - 300,000

US children are currently

involved in or are at an

increased risk of

Child Sex Trafficking. 


Here's the 

To affect change,

LOHI meet's those who are most-at-risk

at a community level in order to provide anti-abuse and trafficking education materials, resources, and additional support, if needed. LOHI celebrates diversity and believes in equal access to exploitation and abuse prevention materials as to Educate, Empower, and Elevate ALL people, but especially children. We offer trainings and public health initiatives for all ages in educational, professional, and community settings. 

The only way to truly sustain and preserve our communities is through partnerships with and between organizations that fight abuse and exploitation and with those organizations that fight the factors that increase a child's susceptibility to abuse and/or exploitation.


Together we can prevent, or, in some cases, stop exploitation and abuse from continuing to happen.


Thank you for choosing to get involved!

Above LOHI partners with the YMCA WNC Mobile Market to bring prevention education to those with food insecurities.

Below LOHI provides Human Trafficking prevention notebooks to village children.

What is Human Trafficking?


To put it in simplest terms, Human Trafficking or Modern Day Slavery is a form of abuse that exists with the purpose of exploiting an individual for sex and/or labor.  This is an issue that is not only prevalent across the globe, but one that exists here in our neighborhoods. According to the 2023 Global Slavery Index, 3.3 in 1,000 people in the United Sates are victims of human trafficking. Think of all the faces you see in a single day and how easily one of those people could be involved in a trafficking situation. Just knowing the signs of human trafficking and/or abuse and how to respond to a potential situation could be life changing. Schedule a training.

Factors of CA&E
Kids Running

Who's At Risk?
Factors Related to Child Abuse & Exploitation

Please note that the more factors that are present in an individuals life, the higher their susceptibility to abuse and/or exploitation. Understanding these risk factors helps us to identify who is most at risk and allows us to provide the appropriate prevention education materials and additional support if needed. Learn more about our preventions efforts here.

Environmental Factors

  • Location

    • Close to State Line

    • Rural = Privacy

    • Close to Interstates/Highways

    • Tourism

  • Racism

  • Gang Activity

  • Bullying

  • Lack of Resources

    • Health Care

    • Food

    • Water

    • Shelter

    • Education

  • Subject to Child Welfare

  • Subject to Juvenile Justice System

Individual Factors

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Traumatic History

  • No/Lack of Support System

  • Substance Abuse

  • Physical Disability

  • Developmental Disability

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Run Away

  • LGBTQ+

Family Factors

  • Lack of Acceptance

  • Housing Instability / Homelessness

  • Split/ Single Family Home

  • Immigration Status

  • Inter-generational Abuse

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences

    • Abuse

      • Sexual

      • Physical

      • Emotional

    • Neglect

    • Parent Substance Abuse

    • Domestic Violence

directly to those who need it most. 

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