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Supporting and protecting our future generations since 2005.

Please note, in order to protect the privacy of those we serve, a majority of the photos we use on this site are from a stock resource or of children we no longer serve.

Legacy of Hope International is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization seeking justice for the vulnerable & oppressed.
Using Education as our main intervention for human trafficking and abuse we Empower and Elevate
those most at risk to PREVENT child abuse and exploitation.


Old Globe

~ 1 Billion

Children experienced some sort of sexual, emotional, or physical violence and/or neglect last year.


~ 41%

of child trafficking cases are initiated by the child's family and/or caregiver.

US Department of State

> 1/3

of child sexual assaults are committed by another minor.


10 Million

children are trafficked in the world today.

Child Liberation Foundation

Facts Don't Lie.
Let's PREVENT the problem.

Click on the stat below to view the resource


of trafficking survivors identified as LGBTQI+


identified as being a person of color.

2023 TIP

LOHI strives to meet those who are most at risk at a community level.


An essential way
to ensure best practices and 

Safety Parties

Empowering children through fun, yet educational public health initiatives. 

Affect Change

Become a part of something bigger, for a better tomorrow.

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