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Prevention is the ACTION of
stopping something from happening.

How will YOU take 

200,000 - 300,000 US children face a trafficking situation every day of the year, according to CHILDUSA.


LOHI was founded in 2005 because Tim Brown took action in order to prevent the child sex trafficking he witnessed happening while on a business trip in SE ASIA. 


How did Tim take action? Tim started building relationships with local Cambodian nationals and motivated leaders such as Sam Raguingan. Together, Tim and Sam started building schools in remote Cambodian villages because it is the Khmer people who struggle to heal from a long history of abuse and lack basic of human rights such as education and access to health care. How is LOHI connected to Western North Carolina? This is where our CEO is located! When Bren took over she realized that preventive efforts in WNC were scarce, therefore she began doing what she could to make sure that the children who are most at risk here had prevention materials too. 


LOHI continues to grow and take action in order to prevent human trafficking and/or abuse from starting, we educate children at a young age because IT IS NECESSARY!

  • LOHI’s CEO, Brendon Journey, MPH, is one of the co-founders of the NC Demand Reduction Task Force

  • LOHI provides prevention and awareness trainings at all educational levels including Elementary to University

  • Our volunteers are dedicated to having “all boots on the ground” to educate, empower, and elevate all, especially children, in order to prevent! 

  • Thanks to our partners at Life 107, our prevention education materials have made it into the hands of those most at risk in Panama and the surrounding borders!

  • LOHI believes in partnering with organizations that fight human trafficking and/or the factors that contribute to ones susceptibility. Ex. Food or housing insecurities


EDUCATION is our key defense when it comes to human trafficking prevention!

Our Trainings



WNC Children

have Received




Safety Parties!

Why does this statistic keep popping up?


84% of HT survivors reported experiencing sex abuse as a child on some level. - Polaris Project


1/3 of child sexual assults are being committed by another minor. - NCMEC


What's the deal? Why do we need them?

Safety Party 101

1. Invite the child to do a superhero craft or play a game.

This is when the volunteer gets to know the child’s name and age.

2. Let’s talk about Safe Adults...

As the child plays, volunteers follow curriculum that helps the child identify the characteristics of a Safe Adult. The child names 5 Safe Adults in their life.

3. The Power of No!

Children are given permission to use “The Power of NO!” if they are ever made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. We then Empower the child to tell the first Safe Adult they come to.

4. Let the conversation flow.

If time allows, volunteers continue to engage with the child and we talk about any and everything that the child wants to talk. We might incorporate ideas such as good pictures vs. bad pictures or surprises vs.secrets.

  • Prevention Education Materials

      (NCMEC and LOHI)

  • NCMEC Internet Safety book

  • Resource Contact Numbers

  • Encouraging bookmark

  • Dog Tag w/ contact info

  • YUM Earth gummies

  • Superhero themed toys

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